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Our Founder
“Your story does not end here....this is where it begins”-Lee Ann Mead


Lee Ann Mead’s crusade to help child survivors break their silence, use their voice and help them take back their childhood and their power has been formidable.  She strongly believes that teaching child survivors to use healthy power and creative ways to heal is essential.  Since starting the organization in 2011, she has become a fierce advocate for child abuse survivors (young and old) everywhere.  She founded Sparks of Hope® based on her own personal story of childhood sexual abuse.  Her stepfather sexually abused her from the age of age 4 to 16.  Giving children the things she needed to heal as a child has been her dream.  “I want to give these kids hope for a brighter future.  To let them know they are not alone in their journey - they don’t have to carry the weight of what happened to them alone.  We are here to help them find hope and, and most importantly, to let them know that healing is possible!”

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